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by Daniel Lockwood

On the Refugee Question

13th August 2016

Author’s Note:  State-sanctioned ignorance, lack of media diversity, and the revival of white nationalism are legitimizing calls for the return of ethnic cleansing to the Western World.  Old-fashioned ingrained narratives about supposedly innate human evil, supposedly eternal racial hatred and […]


The story of a woman migrant in search for a better life

by Margarita Trejo Velasco
15th February 2017

Migration is a living process, historical and current in nature. It varies depending on the fabric of sending, transit and receiving countries; intertwining lives, stories and dreams in the process. It continues to exist, no matter how many barriers or […]

A view on migration to Europe in the 21st century

by Niall McGlynn
27th August 2016

According to the latest figures from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), 2,725 migrants/refugees have died attempting to make the crossing from Libya to Italy this year, against a total of 386 deaths for the Turkey to Greece route. As in […]

Internally Displaced Persons

by Diana Khomeriki

Integrating Abkhaz and South Ossetian IDPs in Post-Conflict Georgia

28th June 2017

More than a quarter million people (273,411 individuals; 88,704 families of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)[1]) remain internally displaced in Georgia, as a consequence of two conflicts in the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.  The majority of Abkhaz and […]

Legal Insights

by María López Benito

Statelessness: the ignored challenge

21st October 2017

There are currently about 680,000 people without any nationality in Europe. The refugee crisis adds more difficulties to this community. Not being holders of a valid passport leaves them in a legal limbo. The most relevant international texts on statelessness […]


by María López Benito

Apátridas: los grandes olvidados

26th October 2017

Se estima que en la actualidad hay alrededor de 680.000 personas sin ninguna nacionalidad en Europa. La crisis de refugiados ha puesto el foco sobre este colectivo, que añade a sus dificultades la de carecer de un pasaporte. Los dos […]