The Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis: Of Gains and Negligence

23rd February 2017

Over the past four years, the Rohingya, a Muslim minority group in the Rakhine state northwest of Myanmar, has been living in apartheid conditions while subjected to persecution and discrimination by extreme nationalist Buddhist monks and the Myanmar army. Pope […]

Asylum seeker life narratives

4th January 2017

Almost every week, the refugee topic is mentioned in mass media. In November, the ‘Jungle of Calais’ made the headlines, because of the decision to evacuate it. At the beginning, when the removing of the encampment hasn’t started yet, the news […]

On the Refugee Question

13th August 2016

Author’s Note:  State-sanctioned ignorance, lack of media diversity, and the revival of white nationalism are legitimizing calls for the return of ethnic cleansing to the Western World.  Old-fashioned ingrained narratives about supposedly innate human evil, supposedly eternal racial hatred and […]

Afghans: the second largest asylum seeker group in Europe

18th May 2016

Afghans make up the second largest portion of migrant influx into Europe. In 2015 roughly over 160,000 Afghans escaped the country to Europe. In a recent article by Mellisa Fung in Huffington Post Canada, the country’s director of passport Gen. […]